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It all started when...

I decided to enroll in a Culinary Arts program at Johnson and Wales University.  I have always loved to cook, even as a child I enjoyed making something special for my family to "Ooh and Aah" about. In fact, it still gives me great joy to see folks enjoying a dish that I have prepared especially for them. For me, the kitchen is a warm, welcoming place where I feel right at home.

After graduation, I quickly took an interest in the Sustainability Movement and the changing face of American agriculture.  I loved shopping at Farmers' Markets and exploring roadside produce stands.  Talking to the hardworking farmers, food producers, and chefs who labor long and hard to grow, produce, and serve our food gave me a new awareness of the extraordinary happenings in Vermont's food community.

Visits to both small and large bookstores soon showed me that cookbooks dedicated to Vermont and its farms, farmers, food producers, products, and chefs were a rare commodity - and soon an idea was born.  I asked myself, "Why not write a cookbook that would showcase the state of Vermont and all of the wonders of its food community?" Nothing happens overnight.  I began to research the premise of sustainable agriculture with its deep continuous respect for nature. I went to farms and talked to farmers about their desire to use the land in the most productive way possible, not by mass production, but through preservation for the generations to come. I traveled all over the state talking to people in the food industry and brought home their stories, dreams and favorite recipes, some of which had been in their families for generations. 

My first cookbook, Dishing Up Vermont, highlights the practice of sustainability.   Each of the farmers, farms, and chefs featured in this book are devoted followers of sustainability and a member of The Vermont Fresh Network

My second cookbook, The Vermont Farm Table Cookbook, is a culinary tribute to Vermont's farmers, farms, food producers and chefs. The Vermont Farm Table Cookbook promotes the farm to table movement and the value of buying local. It emphasizes the fact that by spending local dollars, for local products, we help to ensure the economic health of our agricultural community thereby, sustaining local businesses, farmers, and the environment.

My third cookbook, The Connecticut Farm Table Cookbook, introduces the reader to Connecticut's flourishing food scene with its own farm to table and sustainability movements.

In the fall of 2017, my fourth cookbook, The Vermont Non-GMO Cookbook was released.  The Vermont Non-GMO Cookbook honors the state’s mission to connect with its local organic farmlands and the farmers who nurture and care for them. It also serves as a guide for eating organically and non-GMO in Vermont. The book celebrates the region’s esteemed organic food producers, farmers, cheesemakers, dairy farmers, and the chefs who partner with them to create delicious, innovative, organic, and non-GMO recipes.  The Vermont Non-GMO Cookbook is a 2018 Readable Feast Cookbook Awards Finalist.

Along the way, I have met many wonderful people, our lives have touched if only briefly, but I am oh, so much richer for the experience. My books are a culinary tribute to all of them. Thank you! 

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“If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.” (Usually attributed to Albert Einstein)